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AFI-02, AFI-03

Inductive crucible furnace is an alternative to the resistance furnace APT1,7. New technological solutions applied in our new model give the user a lot of options. An undeniable merit of inductive heating is the effect of "mixing" with the use of electromagnetic field. Great power of the machine enables fast melting of the charge with simultaneous reduction of metal exposure to the harmful effect of oxygen.
The furnace is equipped with the PID temperature adjuster with a thermocouple fastened in the side of the crucible (model up to 1300oC). It enables the control of the melting process without the need for applying additional graphite thermocouple covers.

After metal is melted, with the use of a single three-positioner switch (heating-0-lift), the crucible is lifted with the pneumatic actuator, which eases its removal with the pliers.

Moreover, the machine is equipped with the cooling water controlling system and the oscillator power indicator. This value is displayed on a diode indicator and switching on the power can be done with the use of the knob placed on the front side of the furnace.

Offered furnaces are available in two versions, AFI-02 and AFI-03. They are exceptional with their crucible capacities and their power. The crucible is factory-fastened in a ceramic cover which thermally protects the furnace chamber and prevents the charge from spilling out in case of the crucible damage. The ceramic cover can be used several times.

Speed of induction heating movie

Technical parameters:

  AFI-02 AFI-03
Rated voltage 230V/50Hz 400V/50Hz
Rated power 4kW 10kW
Operating temperature 1500oC 1500oC
Crucible capacity 150cm3 300cm3
Outer dimensions 600x370x340mm 830x400x350mm
Weight 25kg 32kg

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