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   Inductive furnace AFI-05 is a machine designed especially for huge production plants, foundries and noble metals refineries. Considerable capacity of the crucible together with the relatively high power generator installed in the furnace guarantees high-speed melting of the scrap metal, shavings and refinery output.

   The furnace is equipped with a pneumatic actuator which elevates the crucible after melting and makes it easier to seize the crucible with the pliers; the system controlling cooling water supply, as well as the current oscillator power indicator. The aforementioned value is shown in the diode indicator, and the power is set up with the use of the knob placed on the front side of the furnace.

Technical parameters:

  AFI-05 AFI-05+ AFI-06
Rated voltage                      400V/50Hz
Rated power 12kW 13kW 15kW
Operating temperature                    1400oC
Crucible type
    graphite or silicon carbide (SiC)
Crucible capacity 800cm3
980cm3 1500cm3
Outer dimension                 500x640x800mm
Weight  80kg 95kg 180kg

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