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The vulcanizing press is intended for making rubber moulds. It features two independent heating platens, each controlled with a microprocessor PID controller for controlling temperature with a three-digit display showing a current temperature. Unlike the model AW02, AW03 has the lower platen controlled by a pneumatic actuator. To clamp the vulcanizing frame:

- place it between the heating platens,

- attach the upper platen seated on a threaded pin,

- set a pressure value of the lower platen pressing the frame to the upper platen on the indicator (manometer)

- set the control switch in "UP" position to lift the actuator and press the vulcanizing frame to the upper heating platen

An unquestionable advantage of the solution described above is a constant pressure strength during the rubber vulcanizing process. The vulcanizer is equipped with a pressure reducer which continuously monitors pressure strength, thereby releasing an operator from tightening the platens which tend to get loose as superfluous rubber is leaving the frame. An additional advantage is a high reproducibility of pressure strength values which cannot be secured in traditional vulcanizing presses.

Aluminium heating platens guarantee perfect temperature transfer to the vulcanizing frame. The vulcanizing press requires a short time to reach the set temperature and consumes little energy because it is equipped with state-of-the-art compact heating elements.

Technical data:
Rated voltage: 230 V/50 Hz
Rated power: 600 W
Maximum operating temperature: 200ºC
Supplied pressure: 800 kPa
Dimensions of heating platens: 140x165 mm
Maximum clearance: 100 mm
Weight: 22 kg

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