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Agatronic K

 A fully automatic Vacuum-Pressure Casting Machine Agatronic K is a developed version of an older model - Agatronic M. The machine has been equipped with several additional sensors controlling the process of casting which have been coupled with the modern OPLC process driver supported by a touch screen. Some new solutions applied in the machine are: high class precision pressure converters replacing spring manometers, 10 casting programmes able to save 10 basic parameters of each casting cycle.

A new user interface enables two casting options:


Manual – the layout of the keys projected on the screen is similar to the one present in Agatronic M machine, and the user himself decides about the initiation of specific functions. This option enables the user to familiarize with the casting process and makes it possible to chose the individual work parameters for each procedure. All settings, such as pressure, temperature or vacuum, can be adjusted during the casting cycle. This option has also got the function of the alloy granulation.


Automatic – the casting process starts with pushing the START button and it runs according to the parameters saved in one of ten memory sections:

  • Label of the programme
  • Set temperature
  • Rinsing of the furnace chamber
  • Processing flask putting in temperature
  • The time of metal melting
  • The time of the stopper raising
  • The time of pressure driving in delay
  • The value of vacuum
  • The value of pressure
  • The time of alloy cooling
Additionally, the user may determine some other parameters, such as the temperature of turning on and off the cooling gas blowing, the hysteresis of the casting zone, etc.
During the process the user is systematically informed about the function in progress or if there is a need of a caster reaction (e.g. administering the alloy to the crucible, putting in the processing flask, etc.). In the last case a special command is projected on the screen. What is more, a current state of the machine is shown on the screen (casting chamber, lid, vacuum pump, stopper, etc.), as well as the time remaining to the end of the process. When the machine works automatically, the computer additionally counts the time from the end of the last five castings, informing the user about the need of putting the processing flask into water. One other improvement is the application of the alloy composition calculator which facilitates the calculation of metal mixture proportions depending on the purity and weight of the tree.
The whole casting process takes place in a hermetically sealed chamber with the help of protective gases, which ensures high quality of the cast. This exceptional quality is also achieved by the function of automatic ‘rinsing’ of the chamber during which the air is drawn into the inside before metal is melted, and while it is melted the protective gases are blown in. The machine is equipped with the gas flow adjuster ‘rotameter’, which enables the control of the amount of agents provided during the process. What is more, anaerobic atmosphere prevailing during the machine operation contributes to the longer life-span of the crucible and the stopper.

Temperature of the process is controlled by the PID controller which constitutes the integral part of the OPLC driver, unlike in the Agatronic M machine, where the driver is a separate device. Fuzzy Logic technology applied in the controller production ensures the adjustment with minimal deviation, together with fast fixing of the value set during the adjustment process. Temperature is measured in a graphite stopper placed at the bottom of the crucible, on a pivot of the outlet opening. It enables precise measurement of melted metal temperature.

In the standard equipment of the machine there is also a set which enables granulation of the alloy. The application of a special crucible with the granulating ‘filier’ enables obtaining perfect balls with small diameters. Initiating of an appropriate function in the machine ensures cyclic and controllable release of melted metal into the container with cooling liquid, thus the obtained granulated substance is homogeneous, without drops of liquid closed in granulated balls. It does not present any problems with later weighing out of the alloy and its melting.

Agatronic K casting machine is subjected to a two-year guarantee period.
Any questions concerning the aforementioned product can be sent to the following e-mail address: marcin@argenta.pl . The following mobile number may also be used: +48 605 336 063.

The machine is made of the automation and pneumatics components produced by world leading manufacturers. All sub-assemblies are marked with the CE symbol.

Comparasion of two types:
  Agatronic K
Agatronic M
Rated voltage 400V/50Hz 400V/50Hz
Rated power 10kW 10kW
Control full-automatic semi-automatic
Programs 10 (100 option) 1
Operating temperature 1200oC (1400oC) 1200oC (1400oC)
Casting pressure 2,5bar 2bar
Crucible capacity
280 cm3 280 cm3
Flask ø120x300mm ø120x300mm
Flow gas regulator in standard
in standard
Mediums controller in standard in standard
Granulator unit: in standard in standard
Mixinging of the alloy elektromagnetic elektromagnetic
Communication port RS232 RS232
Outer dimensions 650x800x1200 mm 650x800x1200 mm
Weight 180 kg 195 kg

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