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Agatronic W

Vacuum pressure casting machine Agatronic W is a compact unit which constitutes a combination of a melting furnace and a casting chamber. The process of jewellery casting takes place under the protection of neutral gas, which prevents oxidation of casting products surface and reduces the wear of the graphite crucible and the stopper. Dimensions of the crucible and the stopper enable filling the crucible with 600 grams of granulated silver, which enables making quite a big "tree" cast.

The control panel enables the control of the casting process thanks to clear layout of the keys cooperating with the microprocessor driver. Each current operation is indicated with the indicator light flashing. The machine is equipped with PID temperature adjuster with Fuzzy Logic algorithm that ensures the adjustment with minimal deviation, together with fast fixing of the value set during the adjustment process.

The casing of the casting unit is made of aluminium cast cooled by water during the machine operation. It means that the outside elements of the machine are always cold and they do not pose any danger to the service; they also facilitate work comfort. The structure of the machine allows independent opening of the furnace cover and the casting chamber. It enables a considerable reduction of liquid metal exposure to oxygen.

The function of ‘rinsing’ of the casting chamber enables creating vacuum and letting some protective gas into the furnace when the generator heats up the alloy. The structure of the inside of the furnace chamber enables fast replacement of all elements, even when the temperature is very high.

The steering unit is a microprocessor driver supervising the casting process, it also controls the most important parameters of jewellery casting process. The machine is made of automation and pneumatic elements manufactured by leading producers. All sub-assemblies have CE mark.



Technical data:

Rated voltage: 230V/50Hz
Rated power: 4 kW
Operating temperature: 1200 oC, 1400 oC (option)
Demand for gas: 120 l/h
Type of thermocouple: K
Crucible capacity: 75 cm3
Flask: ø85x220mm
Productivity of the pump: freely
Flow gas regulator: option
Mediums controller: option
Granulator unit: option
Mixinging of the alloy: elektromagnetic
Communication port: RS232
Outer dimensions: 500x400x1030 mm
Weight: 85 kg
Comparasion of two types:

Agatronic M Agatronic W
Rated voltage 400V/50Hz 230V/50Hz
Rated power 10kW 4kW
Operating temperature 1200oC,1400oC 1200oC,1400oC
Crucible capacity 280 cm3 75 cm3
Flask ø120x300mm ø85x220mm
Flow gas regulator in standard option
Mediums controller in standard option
Granulator unit in standard option
Mixinging of the alloy elektromagnetic elektromagnetic
Communication port RS232 RS232
Outer dimensions 650x800x1200 mm 500x400x1030 mm
Weight 180 kg 85 kg

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